Like the catwalk, bathroom fashion trends are forever evolving.

Just think back to stories about “the good old days” when toilets were lavatories and lavatories were long-drops. Oh my, how toilets have evolved! The heated seat, the automatic lid, the low flush, the self-cleaning control…

Then, what about the bathtub? “Back then” bathing took place in a tin tub filled with jugs of heated water. There was no such thing as electric geysers, so heating the water was a major chore in itself. No wonder, then, that most people seldom bathed! Today, bathtubs come in all shapes and sizes, from basic get-the-job-done styles to opulent ovals and ornate mock-Victoriana.
The evolution of bathrooms goes hand-in-glove with radical changes in design and technology.

It all started back in 1875 when the advent of sewer systems heralded the appearance of indoor bathrooms. According to the publication, the Standard Sanitary, “The Evolution of the Bath Room” circa 1912, “open plumbing and visible commodes” were taking over the design of bathrooms. “The bathroom is the first room in the home exhibited to guests with the utmost pride…the comfort that may be derived from a complete and up-to-date bathroom is worthy of this appreciation.”

So, even back in 1912, there were those trend-setters who believed in keeping up bathroom appearances. Although this sentiment is not always shared by everyone, today’s property owners are fully away of the importance of a good quality bathroom. Not only will it boost the value of the property but it will also attract the admiration of the guests who visit and make use of its ever-evolving amenities!