Bathroom Colours: Perfect Pink


Pink is not an easy colour for bathroom décor – get it wrong, and your bathroom could be hideous…Get it right, however, and it’ll be heavenly! Follow our mini-guide to creating a tasteful pink bathroom…

How to Use Pink in the Bathroom

  • To avoid it looking sickly, go for pink shades with a touch of coolness in them
  • Use pink as an accent, rather than a base colour – think pops of pink
  • In an all-white bathroom, use pink on a feature wall or on a statement piece of furniture
  • Soft pinks look wonderful with white and soft greys, and with spring green adds a touch of vintage
  • Hot pink and black make for a dramatic, theatrical combination – but exercise restraint!
  • Hot pink and bright orange is a bright, contemporary duo – but it’s not for the faint of heart…
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