What Your New Toilet Says About You


Yep, we’re talking about toilets!

Not just any old toilets, though. We at Simply Bathrooms have discovered that you can learn a lot about someone by the style of toilet they decide to install in their home.

A toilet’s a toilet’s a toilet, right?

Not quite…

Here’s what your new toilet says about you:

High Level Toilet

As vintage as they come, the high-level toilet is essentially a regular toilet with the cistern mounted higher up on the wall above the bowl.

The flush pipe can be as long as required, which makes this sort of toilet configuration perfect for cramped bathrooms.

If you’d be keen on the high-level toilet as your new toilet option, then you’re probably someone that likes things from the ‘good old days’.

Your idea of fun is more than likely watching the Antique Roadshow (no shame in that), and a second-hand store is an establishment you’d happily spend your money.

Bijou Piquant Toilet

Bijou took a modern take on the traditional lavatory when they created the Piquant. A ceramic beauty with a very simple design, the Bijou Piquant toilet is the perfect middle-ground between vintage and futuristic.

If you’d take this beauty as your new toilet without question, you’re more than likely someone who finds themselves on the fence between the old and the new.

Minimalist futuristic toilets are too scary, but the vintage ones are too old fashioned.

You’re willing to try new things, but your comfort zone is where you enjoy yourself the most. You’re using a smartphone, but it’s probably not the latest iPhone 10 or anything.

Geberit Monolith Toilet

Is this the year 2055? Nope, it’s your futuristic toilet!

The Geberit Monolith toilet is what one can imagine toilets look like on the International Space Station. The lavatory’s rectangular cistern is a mere 2 – 3 inches thick, and mounts flat against the wall just above the bowl.

The bowl itself hovers above the ground, and the rectangular wall-mounted cistern can be customised with strip LED lights for aesthetical appeal.

The person choosing the Geberit Monolith as their new toilet is a front runner when it comes to having the latest, greatest thing to hit the shelves.

You’re fascinated by new technologies, and you take pride in improving your home with these.

It’s rather crazy how your toilet can give so much insight into the person you are. Why not figure out which person you are by having a look at our wide range of top star toilets? Or for more information, contact us here.