Many people are weary of using black in their bathrooms as it can feel claustrophobic. Black is a very dominant colour and is tricky to incorporate into a bathroom, and is therefore avoided or abused. If your bathroom is old and outdated, then incorporating black is the option to go!

Yet black décor, if done well, is mysterious. It can give you a timeless, classic look.

Contrasting texture and patterns will create a sense of movement, as light catches the elements differently. Achieve this by introducing textured or glossy wall tilling, matte paint and polished dark wood units. Using stone will enhance the classy look and it fits in with any decorative style of choice.

Lighting is super important when using a lot of black in a space!

Consider using strip lighting under cabinets, installing hanging lights or contemporary chandeliers.

Black is an absorptive colour, and may give off a shrinking feeling if it’s not well balanced and lit. Make sure to use neutral colours, standard shapes and sizes as well as straight lines and patterns.

Using black and white mosaic tiles is perfect for a classic look. If there is a lot of traffic in your bathrooms then a glass tile will be your preferred choice as it is easier to clean and stainless.

Mirrors are excellent ways to create the illusion of light and space, especially during the day when you rely on natural light.

Or simply stick to lighter colours on the walls and enjoy the edgy taps and shower heads that give your bathroom a modern feel.

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