The use of style elements that are reminiscent of a grander and more stylish time is increasing in popularity as many homeowners choose to decorate a bathroom reminiscent of a time when bathing was considered the ultimate luxury. Follow these tips to create a space fitted with a cornucopia of mouldings, trim and antique furniture.

An oversize tub to turn a bathroom into a spa-like retreat, and one with imperial feet and antique taps brings back the time of history. With the benefits today of antique looking modern fixtures you can still achieve a vintage look with ease of the 21st century with hot running water on tap.

Whether you are sourcing a new bathtub or restore an old one the choice is yours. However, if you plan to restore an antique cast iron tub, make sure you do all the hard work or stripping and painting before you move the tub into the bathroom to protect your tiles and other fittings.

True claw foot tubs don’t have their water controls mounted on the wall in most cases, the taps are mounted on the edge of the tub. It is essential to hire the services of a reputable plumber to do all the fixing and fitting of water pipes. If your new bathtub is freestanding you are going to need to have pipes moved from the wall and under the floor to where your new bath will be replaced.

You don’t need to spend a fortune on taps, or spend hours visiting antique stores or going to auction, these days affordable replica taps are widely available at reasonable prices.
Final touches can make the difference between a room being good and great. An oval mirror with a richly carved frame hanging over a pedestal sink makes a prefect focal point. If your vanity is intricate, keep the mirror simple. Towel bars with old-fashioned porcelain dowels, ceiling and vanity lights fabricated of smoky glass finish the job.

Don’t be afraid to use colours. Victorians traditionally chose warm, serious colours like burgundy, brick red and maroon over others. Using those colours will enhance the atmosphere and help create the impression of a forgotten era. Choose bath linens as a way to bring out an accent colour that’s not dominant or use plain white towels and blinds to contrast if you have strong colours in your decor.

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