Wouldn’t you like to feel at ease when walking into your bathroom?
Creating a forest themed washroom will produce the calming, uplifting aspect you are looking for.

Here’s what to do:

  • When choosing a colour scheme, go for neutral base colours and add greens and even buttery yellows to enhance the refreshing sensation of the bathroom.
  • A lot of people are afraid to use murals and themed shower curtains but, in this feature, it is imperative if you really want to implement the design strategy of the full forest scene.
  • When choosing your shower curtains, ensure that it is floor to ceiling curtains. This will make the ceiling look higher and in essence the room look larger.
  • In order to create the illusion of a bigger bathroom, be sure to decorate with mirrors as it simply reflects the forest theme at all angles in the room and produces a more spacious impression.
  • Place an artificial tree next to your bath and use green plants in glass vases to create the forest bathing experience.
  • If you feel you need a more soothing ambience, put warm white lighting in the room. You can also use this lighting on the floors to generate a glow in the room. Warm white fairy lights are perfect if you are leaning towards an enchanted atmosphere.
  • It is suggested to incorporate art brass bathroom accessories as it goes beautifully and blends in with the forest theme.

I hope that these tips have inspired you and that you are well on your way to designing your dream forest bathroom, Good luck!
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