Bathroom Colours: Beautiful Black and White

Looking for a subtle and classic look to transform your bathroom? Black and white bathrooms not only look classy, but help you feel serene as you sink into your tub. Give your bathroom a greater sense of space and light with this contrasting minimalist colour scheme…

How to Decorate a Black and White Bathroom

  • Use glossy on-trend white subway tiles on shower walls or to create a feature wall
  • If you paint your walls black, keep floors and counter tops white to create a balance in your colour scheme
  • These colours can be quite harsh, bring in wooden accessories or even pot plants to soften the aesthetic
  • Black and white doesn’t need to be drab! Get creative with the textures you use throughout your bathroom
  • Want a slightly more retro feel? Checker white and black floor tiles across the floor
  • Incorporate a little colour with copper or gold fittings, or vases and candles in your favourite colours.
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