Dream Bathroom


How to Design a Dream Bathroom


The colours and style of bath products and accessories can make or break your bathroom. Whether you’ve got the luxury of a big bathroom or need to make a small bathroom look bigger, get it right with these bathroom design ideas…



  • Hire an interior designer or architect to plan the most efficient, aesthetically pleasing layout for your space
  • Bring your plumber in on the design process – he’s best placed to advise you on the least complicated and cost-effective plumbing solutions
  • Focus on your focal point – every room needs that one feature that draws the eye in, and a feature bathtub lends itself to this purpose
  • Consider the cabinetry – freestanding, wall mounted, contemporary or vintage, vanities and other bathroom cabinets must express your design style whilst being functional
  • Pay attention to bathroom lighting – a well-lit space is not only user-friendly but adds to the ambience
  • Finally, the floors – should be hard-wearing and non-slip, as well as attractive.