Blanco Silgranit: Improved Kitchen Sinks

While we at Simply Bathrooms are well known in the Durban area for our bathroom taps, baths, basins and other bathroom essentials – did you know that we supply kitchen items too?

That’s right!

So, in the spirit of education, we thought we’d throw everything AND the kitchen sink at you – but not just any kitchen sink…

The German-made Blanco Silgranit!

What is Silgranit?

Contrary to popular belief, Silgranit is not a rare species of Himalayan bird.

Quite the opposite, in fact.

Silgranit is Blanco’s patented composite kitchen sink which is made from around 80% granite. The Silgranit kitchen sinks are cast in a single pouring, and unlike natural granite – the composite granite used in the Silgranit range is not porous.

What’s the difference between porous and non-porous granite you may ask?

Non-pourous granite like the Silgranit variety is resistant to stains and completely hygienic! Not only that, but the Silgranite composite kitchen sinks are both scratch and heat-resistant.

A Precious Stone in the Kitchen?

When it comes to preparing food, kitchen hygiene should be a top priority.

Blanco took this to heart when developing the Silgranite range of kitchen sinks, and added two ground-breaking finishing touches that assure improved kitchen hygiene.

The Blanco Hygiene+ Plus finish is a shield against dirt and bacteria, while the added PuraDur 2 treatment is a built-in anti-bacterial feature that reduces the growth of hygienically relevant bacteria by up to 98%.

The stoney-silky surface of the Blanco Silgranit kitchen sinks makes them both pleasing to the eye and the touch.

Looking for stylish, hygienic kitchen sinks in Durban? Call Simply Bathrooms today!