Bathrooms leave a lasting impression

Bathrooms leave a lasting impression | Simply Bathrooms

As soon as a person spends more than an hour somewhere, chances are they are going to need to use the bathroom. When you have clients or friends visiting, are offering a meal in a restaurant, or perhaps own a guesthouse, your bathroom is the most important room in the building.

Apart from the obvious importance of hygiene, people judge bathrooms on a subconscious level in many different ways. This perception will largely affect their decision to return, because bathrooms are personal and intimate spaces.

The first thing one notices when entering a bathroom is how it smells. This is not only the absence of bad odours, but also a crisp sense of cleanliness. It is important to not overdo it with chemicals, but to still make it obvious that the bathroom is cleaned on a very regular basis. This can be achieved by adding fragranced products to the toilet that fill the bowl with each flush. A psychological bonus is if this creates small bubbles or a tinge of a “clean” colour such as light blue or purple. Naturally, toilets need to be spotless and free of any marks or stains.

Ensure that there is always enough toilet paper, hand soap and dry towels. Nothing is more distressing that not being able to feel clean after using the restroom. The end of toilet roll can also mean the end of business for your restaurant or hotel.

All surfaces, like counter tops, taps and mirrors, need to sparkle and be free of grime, mould, stains and smudges. Keep drains clean and clear of any debris (like hair). It is also important to have good lighting, ideally natural light, as dark bathrooms are off-putting. Go for lighter shades when choosing tiles, and splurge on items that are used the most, such as taps.

Choosing a reliable supplier of luxurious brands will ensure you make a pleasant and lasting first impression with your bathroom.