Bathroom Colours: Plum Purple

People often stay away from bold colours like purple, for fear of ending up with a bathroom that looks like something out of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. But purple done right is worth the risk! The royal tone can create glamourous and exotic spaces. Try these tips to pull-off a winning purple themed bathroom…

How to use purple in the bathroom

  • Feature walls are a fantastic way of bringing in vivid colours without overwhelming the room. Paint one or two walls purple and balance them by painting others grey.
  • Opt for wall-to-wall purple but make sure to keep windowsills and large units like cupboards white.
  • Purple conjures images of India, royalty and precious stones. Play on these themes and create a sense of luxury by installing metallic tables, frames and light fixtures.
  • The neutral hues and textures of wood floors (tiles or planks) offer a great contrast to rich purple colours.
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