Bathroom Taps: For the Bath

It’s attention to detail that makes the difference between average and stunning, said philosopher Francis Atterbury, and how right he was! When it comes to creating a jaw-dropping bathroom, do give bathroom accessories – like bathroom taps – the attention they deserve! Read on…

Choosing Taps for a Bath

Here’s what you should know when selecting taps for the bath…

• Bathroom taps are not just functional items, they can be a stand-out design feature in their own right
• Not just for new bathroom builds, bathroom taps are a cost-effective and easy way to upgrade an existing bathroom
• Match the style of bath taps to your bathroom theme – for example, choose copper taps for a vintage bathroom and minimalist chrome bath tap styles for contemporary settings
• For bath water that’s not too hot, not too cold, go for mixer taps which allow you to find your perfect temperature
• Make washing hair in the bath a cinch with a tap with shower head attachment
• For quality and longevity, invest in the best bathroom taps you can afford – have a look at brands like Hansgrohe, Roca and Kent.