Bathroom Styles: Zen Garden

Peaceful tranquillity surrounded by natural shades of green. Breath freshness deep into your lungs and exhale your troubles after a long day. It’s hard not to relax surrounded by nature’s best. Create your own zen bathroom zone by introducing natural elements to your bathroom.

How to Decorate a Zen Garden Bathroom

  • Use rough irregular-shaped underfoot tiles for that natural stone feeling.
  • Place live palms, potted bamboo shoots, or bonsai plants on countertops and next to the bath.
  • Scatter pebbles on your shower’s floor for that ‘into-the-wild’ shower experience.
  • Tropical pot plants add a great focal point and a pop of colour against grey or white walls.
  • Replace bath mats with faux-grass mats for that grassy underfoot feeling.
  • Place a zen tray and tealight candles within arm’s reach of the toilet.
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