Bathroom Styles: Steamy Tropical

Inject some tropical heat into your home, with a bathroom inspired by exotic equatorial lands – think lush, hot and steamy! Use these bathroom decorating ideas to create a tropical paradise you can use as an everyday escape…

tropical bathrooms

How to Decorate a Tropical Style Bathroom

  • Keep your main colour palette neutral – stone, beige and taupe – with pops of green and orange, red or pink
  • Have a full-length glass window overlooking a beautiful outdoor tropical garden packed with palm trees, hibiscus and strelitzias.
  • Bring the jungle indoors with potted and hanging tropical plants – try orchids, delicious monster, bromeliads, mother-in-law’s tongue, dwarf bamboo, and fan palms.
  • Use natural materials to create an interesting focal point – a bamboo feature wall, or pebbles strewn about the bottom of the bath
  • Add tropical motifs – like palm leaves and parrots – on tiles, wall paper, shower door decals and décor accessories.
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