Bathroom Styles: Just Japanese

Japanese design is known for minimalism and simplicity, but also for its use of strong colours, particularly black, red and gold. If it’s a Zen retreat you need to get your sense of serenity back, mimic the culture and nature of the Land of the Rising Sun – go for clean, uncluttered Japanese bathrooms.

japanese bathrooms

How to Decorate a Japanese Bathroom

  • Bamboo is used extensively in Japanese architecture, and is a symbol of prosperity – use it in bathroom cabinetry and for decorative elements
  • Include a traditional Japanese shoji screen as a point of interest, or incorporate the ‘shoji screen look’ into a glass shower door
  • Echo the landscapes surrounding Japan’s volcanoes by incorporating grey or black granite for floors and countertops
  • A Japanese teak wood footstool is a quintessential feature of Japanese bathrooms
  • Wallpaper or wall mural depicting a Japanese scene adds to the ambiance
  • Throw in Japanese objet d’art to complete the look.
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