Bathroom Styles: Art Deco

Art deco – an abbreviation of the French term arts décoratifs – was a style that predominated the 1920s and early 1930s. With its origins in France, this bold new ‘international’ style swept the world from Europe and America to Australasia and Africa – Durban has many fine examples of art deco architecture – and is characterised by smooth lines and geometric shapes. Art deco bathrooms have that glamorous vintage Hollywood feel…a perfect escape from the mundane!

art deco bathrooms

How to Decorate an Art Deco Bathroom

  • Art deco uses a black and white colour palette – with sprinkles of gold or silver here and there
  • Think chrome, mirrors and etched, sandblasted or enamelled glass accessories
  • A monochrome stained glass window is an excellent focal point in an art deco bathroom
  • Original parquet flooring is first prize; but a contemporary parquet floor provides an interesting twist
  • Marble is a must for bathroom counters
  • For bathroom cabinets and vanities, think dark veneered wood
  • Do include strong, angular art deco motifs – zigzags, chevrons and lightning bolts.
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