Bathroom Colours: Rebellious Red


Red is the colour of passion, rebellion, strength, power and determination. If you’re determined to build your dream bathroom – see red! Red bathrooms are brave and bold –a fiery solution to your bathroom decorating wants and needs. Invigorate a tired old bathroom with these rebellious bathroom ideas…

red bathrooms

How to Use Red in the Bathroom

  • Go full Americana with navy blue towels and red wall accents to get that ‘beach house’ feel
  • Give your bathroom vintage attitude with retro-style taps and faucets, complemented with red placement items
  • For a splendid combination, pair brown cabinets and railings with white counters and red walls.
  • A red door and red bath towels make a power statement in a plain white bathroom
  • Ahoy, sailor! Use red and white striped shower curtains, against white walls with red accessories.
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