Bathroom Colours: Naturally Neutral


Neutral colours – beige, taupe, grey, ivory, cream and even brown – provide the ideal canvas for creating an unfussy, calming environment. Since they’re unsaturated, neutrals are visually restful – which is just what our eyes need after a hard day’s staring at computer/tablet/smartphone screens! And it’s said neutral bathrooms provide the best resale value, to boot…

neutral bathrooms

How to Use Neutrals in the Bathroom

  • Neutral colours make small spaces look bigger – layer shades and texture with interesting accessories, like wicker baskets or a granite soap dispenser
  • Scandinavian-style bathroom vanities and storage units complement a neutral colour palette
  • Big mirrors add to that feeling of lightness and brightness
  • Create a focal point with a pebbled feature wall – this will add an extra dimension, in lieu of pops of colour
  • Introduce some greenery – tropical plants, like ferns and orchids, enjoy the heat and humidity of bathrooms and add a dash of opulence to an otherwise understated space.
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