Bathroom Colours: Boldly Black

The use of black as colour scheme in homes is either avoided or abused (think teenage bedrooms). Don’t be put off by negative connotations; black décor done well is mysterious, beautiful and, yes, soothing! Move beyond just black – try obsidian, charcoal, ebony and onyx. Get your black bathroom inspo right here…

How to Decorate a Black Bathroom

• The secret to monochrome decorating is using different shades of the colour to prevent the room becoming an unappealing solid colour block
• Contrasting texture and patterns will create a sense of movement, as light catches the elements differently. Achieve this by introducing textured or glossy wall tilling, matte paint and polished dark wood units.
• Lighting is super important when using a lot of black in a space! Consider using strip lighting under cabinets, installing hanging lights or contemporary chandeliers.
• Black is an absorptive colour which can make a room quite claustrophobic if it’s not well balanced and lit. Mirrors are excellent ways to create the illusion of light and space, especially during the day when you rely on natural light.
• Shiny chrome fittings will stand out beautifully against the dark colour as light bounces off them. Use copper or gold shades for taps and accessories throughout your bathroom.
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