A bath for all your senses

A bath for all your senses | Simply Bathrooms

When you need to unwind after a stressful day, a relaxing bath is the perfect remedy. For a full body experience, it is important to pamper each one of your senses.

Here are 5 things to include:
1. Sight – Dim the lights or turn them off entirely and add some candles for subtle and warm light. Scatter rose petals in the water and place a photograph or picture next to the bath that makes you smile.

2. Smell – Fragranced candles, incense, or scented bubble bath help sooth your mind. To completely relax, use lavender and chamomile as they have a natural calming effect.

3. Touch – For a sensual experience, add oils to your bath water and use a soft sponge or loofah to wash your body. You may wish to massage your feet or have a partner gently knead out the knots in your back.

4. Taste – Add a glass of wine, some chocolates, or maybe a warm drink to completely sink into de-stress mode. You could even indulge on an entire dessert for an extravagant treat.

5. Sound – Some light music in the background will round it all off. Try natural sound like whale songs, pan-flute or perhaps some enchanting classics. There are water resistant, wireless speakers made especially for this purpose.

Now all you need to do is close the door, run some water, and then lie back on a neck cushion and enjoy some well-deserved “me time.”