Bathroom Styles: Nautical Chic

Lazy days in the sun. Toes in the sand. The smell of the sea on a breeze…These are the elements of beach life we adore. Create your own ocean paradise retreat by introducing nautical elements into your bathroom.

How to Decorate a Nautical Bathroom

  • Decorate in colours you associate with the ocean – whites, blues and greys. Use subdued tones to create a relaxing atmosphere.
  • Build feature walls using white washed planks to give the illusion that these are made from drift-wood.
  • Rope towel-rails, shells in vases or anchor shaped ornaments will reinforce the nautical theme.
  • Tropical pot plants add a great focal point and a pop of colour against grey or white walls.
  • Surfboards mounted to walls are fun and trendy decorations.
  • Don’t go over-board (pun intended) with plaques with sea related quotes or beach signs. These will make your bathroom feel kitsch and dated!
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